The Late-A-Thon

So I learned about this readathon from a video that Catriona from Little Book Owl she does the video every year about different readathons so I searched this one and this is created by Destiny from Howling Libraries and it is all about reading those ARCS that are late. Which you guys know me I am rubbish at reading ARCs on time and I feel terrible about that at times…

It’s a monthlong readathon going from January 1st to January 31st and the goal is just to read as many late ARCs as possible! So being that this is my kind of readathon

Here is my TBR:

  • The House Swap – Rebecca Fleet
  • Trust No One – Anthony Mosawi
  • Stalker – Lisa Stone
  • Your Closest Friend – Karen Perry
  • Do Not Disturb – Claire Douglas
  • Him – Claire Empson
  • A Bad Boy Stole My Bra – Lauren Price
  • You Let Me In – Lucy Clarke
  • Deep Fear – Rachel Lynch
  • Dead End – Rachel Lynch
  • The Teacher – Katrina Diamond
  • It Ends With You – S.K. Wright
  • Cuckoo – Sophie Draper
  • The Other Sister – Elle Croft
  • Beautiful Liars – Isabel Ashdown
  • Burning Up – Jennifer Blackwood
  • Up In Flames – Jennifer Blackwood
  • The Taken Girls – G.D. Sanders
  • The Rumour – Lesley Kara
  • Crismon Bite – Ben Alderson & Danielle Rose

So that is my list (I think) of late ARCs but also whilst this readathon will be going off I do actually have ARCs to read that I need to at least ATTEMPT to get them done on time.

If you want more details here is the link to participate:

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