Review Policy

Review Policy. 

I am currently accepting review requests on my blog! As you can see I work with various promotional companies but don’t worry I still accept review books from authors!

My Rating System: 

1 star 1 star – Hated it or not my type of novel.

2 stars 2 stars – Liked it

3 stars 3 stars – Really liked it.

4 stars 4 stars – Amazing!

5 stars 5 stars – LOVED. LOVED. LOVED.

I rarely DNF (Did Not Finish) books, but if I did, I would contact you directly to talk about it, before I posted the review I have done this a few times for a few of the authors I have worked with directly! If possible I’ll try to work with you!

I accept any format! ARCs, e-ARCS, paperbacks and hardback. If you have an audiobook that would depend on what your book is about, but I would accept them.

I review any genre except Non-Fiction, I will give any genre a try and I usually like most genres! If you are unsure whether I would fit for your novel check out the reviews I have already done!

You do not have to be a traditionally published author to read my book! You can be self-published, indie published, or traditionally published. I will accept any of you!

Where will I post my review? 

I will post my review on my blog, a link to it gets put on your Goodreads (if your book is on there.) I will post on Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter. My blog automatically publishes to Tumblr too so it would appear on there.

You can contact me here: 

Any of my social Media.

Or use my email:

Or use the form down below:



Other things you need to know: 

My reviews are my own opinions – Please Respect them

If you want your review for a particular date, let me know and I will try and accommodate you.

If you’d like to do a guest blog post or a QA, just talk to me and we can sort something out!